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Color Tek Series Resins

Highly detailed full-color resin trophies. 4" tall.

40 characters of lettering included; $0.10 per character after first 40. Additional lettering may be charged separately after checkout.

Delivery date: 3-5 days

TWR2-483, TWR2-451, TWR2-457, TWR2-463, TWR2-460, TWR2-459, TWR2-453, TWR2-467, TWR2-462, TWR2-485, TWR2-455, TWR2-452, TWR2-430, TWR2-479, TWR2-471, TWR2-473, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Football, Tennis, Bowling, Hockey, Kids Trophies, TWR2, Art, Science, Literature, Writing, Math, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Cheer, Track, Tennis, Religion, Church, Lamp of Knowledge, Lamp of Learning, Academics, Scholastic, School, Music, 60001GS, 60002GS, 60003GS, 60004GS, 60022GS, 60025GS, 60027GS, 60028GS, 60030GS, 60035GS, 60036GS, 60037GS, 60038GS, 60311GS, 60363GS, 60426GS, CTR-001, CTR-002, CTR-003, CTR-004, CTR-022, CTR-025, CTR-027, CTR-028, CTR-030, CTR035, CTR-036, CTR-037, CTR-038, CTR-311, CTR-363, CTR-426, CTR001, CTR002, CTR003, CTR004, CTR022, CTR025, CTR027, CTR028, CTR030, CTR035, CTR036, CTR037, CTR038, CTR311, CTR363, CTR426, 60311GS, 60038GS, 60029GS, 60037GS, 60027GS, 60036GS, 60022GS, 60028GS, 60026GS, 60426GS, 60025GS, 60035GS, 60030GS, 60002GS, 60003GS, 60004GS, 60001GS, 60363GS

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