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Midnite Star Medals

Bright gold medal with black enamel fill and star accents. 2" diameter. Your choice of neck drape color.

Medal lettering is optional and priced as shown for up to 30 characters of lettering per medal; $0.15 more per character after first 30. Additional lettering may be charged separately after checkout.

Delivery date: 5 to 7 Business Days
  • Red, White & Blue
    Red, White & Blue
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Gold (Yellow)
    Gold (Yellow)
  • Green
  • Hunter Green
    Hunter Green
  • Maroon (Burgundy)
    Maroon (Burgundy)
  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black & Gold
    Black & Gold
  • Black & Gray
    Black & Gray
  • Black & Orange
    Black & Orange
  • Black & White
    Black & White
  • Blue & Gold
    Blue & Gold
  • Blue & Green
    Blue & Green
  • Blue & White
    Blue & White
  • Green & White
    Green & White
  • Green & Gold
    Green & Gold
  • Light Blue & White
    Light Blue & White
  • Maroon & White
    Maroon & White
  • Navy Blue & White
    Navy Blue & White
  • Orange & White
    Orange & White
  • Purple & White
    Purple & White
  • Purple & Gold
    Purple & Gold
  • Red & Black
    Red & Black
  • Red & Blue
    Red & Blue
  • Red & Gold
    Red & Gold
  • Red & White
    Red & White
  • 1st Place [+$0.12]
    1st Place [+$0.12]
  • 2nd Place [+$0.12]
    2nd Place [+$0.12]
  • 3rd Place [+$0.12]
    3rd Place [+$0.12]
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